Rules of Online Casino Blackjack Games and Bet Types

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A game with over 300 years of history, Blackjack continues to be one of the most popular gambling card games in the world today. Throughout the course of many years, the game was spun into many other versions, which all revolve around the same objective – gathering the sum of 21. For those unfamiliar how to play Blackjack, here are the basic rules.

The Dealing of the Cards

In the most classic version of Blackjack, you will have one dealer and up to six players at the same time. Two cards will be dealt each to the player and dealer sides, which will come from a special deck holder called “the shoe”, where usually either four or eight decks are stacked behind one another. The goal of the game is to achieve a sum of 21 from both cards. After the initial deal, the player will either have the chance to “hit” (draw) additional cards or “stand”, effectively transferring the game turn to the dealer who then continues to draw until they reach 16.

Should either the player or dealer go over 21, the round will result in a loss, or “bust”. Naturally, the number of cards allowed to draw, as well as the number of decks in a Blackjack shoe can depend on the casino and variation of the game; however, online casino blackjack cards are dealt via a Random Number Generator as there are no physical decks involved. What this means is that the number of cards within an instant casino blackjack game could be considered to be infinite.

Card Designations and Bets

All face cards are valued at ten points, and numbered cards have the same value as shown on them. The “Ace” card is an interesting exception because it carries two values – one, and eleven! A player or a dealer can choose which value they would like to use when calculating their hand. To start the game, the player makes a bet. Should they win it, the casino will pay a winning blackjack bet 3:2 (or 1.5:1).

Split Play Betting Is Important

In some cases, the player may receive a hand that has two equal cards (for example two kings, two queens, etc.) that have a value of 10 points. Before moving to the draw phase of the game, they can choose to “split” the two, effectively turning them into two separate hands. If the player wants it, they can draw or stay on one or both. Split is almost always played, as it provides a greater chance to score a “natural Blackjack” hand.

Side Bets Are Exotic

Some blackjack game versions borrow from other card games to establish new bets with better payout odds. With this being said, we can’t miss mentioning the most popular side bet rule in Blackjack – perfect pairs. In the blackjack version that allows it, a player can put money on the possibility of getting a hand that will be made up of the same-face cards. Naturally, the lowest-paying odds would be given to matching cards by type; afterwards, a pair of the same colour, and finally, the perfect pair itself – a hand made of two identical in suit and colour cards, which is known to pay 30:1!

Classic Blackjack – Still One of the Best Casino Games

Beating the dealer (effectively the casino) in Blackjack is something that people continue to try to this day. While some players do have some luck in doing so, the fast dynamic of the game makes Blackjack quite dangerous for the unprepared. One thing is for certain – professionals tend to prefer the most classic version of the game, rather than fancy variants. This piece of information can definitely be considered as a tip!

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