Can You Cheat at Blackjack – Strategies and Tips

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Since the appearance of the first gambling games in history, both players and the dealers have tried to come up with ways of cheating in a particular game – blackjack is no exception. Over the course of decades, many people have tried to come up with efficient ways to gain a better advantage in blackjack, but only a handful of methods have managed to stand the tests of time. Today we learn some interesting things about cheating in blackjack!

Card Counting Is the Most Known Method

The successful prediction of what card will come after a player has decided to “hit”, relies on knowing which cards are left in the “shoe”. “Card counting” refers to a player being able to remember which cards have already passed – which gives an incredible advantage in knowing when to stand and when to hit. This proven strategy requires incredible skill and powers of observation; however, it is completely useless in an online blackjack game.

Because the RNG (random number generator) is responsible for generating cards in any online casino blackjack, the number of decks is practically irrelevant. Although counting cards is not officially considered to be cheating by casino standards, many land-based venues will refuse to do business with players who have a reputation of being smart and capable enough to take advantage of the game.

Live Dealer Games Have Been a Topic of Concern

There are a couple of recorded cases, where live dealers have managed to “cheat” a player from a winning hand. This is how it happened – when the player has requested a “hit”, the dealer slightly pushes the first card coming out of the shoe and deals the bottom underneath it.

Given the fact that these cases have been recorded on camera, almost everyone from the worldwide online casino community has expressed their outrage. This resulted in live casino games operators to not only re-evaluate their employment strategies but also tighten their safety and fairness measures even more. Luckily, these were cases recorded with live dealer operators who had a questionable reputation, which means that you can play safely in live blackjack rooms hosted by renowned companies such as Evolution Gaming and NetEnt.

Edge Sorting – Land Based Cheats

An action that requires exceptional skills of observation, edge sorting is a method in which a player is able to recognize small imperfections or irregularities on the back of the card, which gives them the ability to recognize which cards will have a low or high value in points. In some cases, dealers are exploited to provide the decks of playing cards for a closer inspection by the players themselves.

Compared to card counting, edge sorting is considered to be outright cheating, as it exploits game factors that aren’t meant to be there. Players that have employed this technique have been heavily fined and blacklisted in many casinos. Luckily for online casinos, edge sorting is impossible in a virtual playing environment.

There Are Many Basic Strategies Out There

There are tons of free tips and strategies available online that will help a player to make the right decision when it comes to either “stand” or “hit”. What they have in common, is that a player’s decision must be formed after observing their own hand, and the one of the dealer. Bear in mind that while some of these guides are universal, others will be tailored for a specific blackjack variant.

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It Is Impossible to Cheat in Online Casino Blackjack

Although land-based casinos worldwide will have some cases where either the players are trying to count cards or dealers trying to get a little extra, it is the way online casinos work that prevents any cheating in blackjack games. Today, the only thing an online blackjack player can do to somewhat affect the end outcome of their bankrolls is to follow a specific betting strategy and hope that luck will pan it out.

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