The Different Types of Online Casino Blackjack

Blackjack cards on casino table

The iconic casino card game known as Blackjack has given rise to many variations of the game known as “21”. Today, some have become more popular than others, mainly due to the unique features that make them special. In today’s article, we will explore the abundance of many blackjack game variants, and you can hopefully find a version that will peak your interest!

Progressive Blackjack Provides Bigger Rewards

In this variant of the game, the dealer will collect one additional unit of currency for every bet that is made and place them in the “pot”. Winning the progressive jackpot can happen via a rule that has been determined by the casino, but it usually has to do with the player receiving a specific hand combination.

European Blackjack Delivers a Different Dynamic

While the classic type of Blackjack is usually played with a minimum of four decks, the European version is played usually with two. Additional features include the way the cards are dealt – two face-up for the player, and one face-up card to the dealer. Until the player’s hand isn’t resolved, the dealer will not draw another card for himself.

Spanish 21 Is for Risk Takers

In this variation, all the number 10 cards are taken out of the deck – which in turn increases the house edge. Rumours suggest that this is done as to avoid any confusion between the face cards (which have a value of 10 points) and the regular 10’s. Regardless, the Spanish 21 is considered to be the first known version of the game, from which all others were created ( in this manner, the “Classic Blackjack” is actually more of a “Simplified Blackjack”).

Just like in the European version of the game, the dealer must wait for the player to finish his turn; however, in Spanish 21 the dealer can take a peek at the card he is about to deal to himself, and if he is to achieve a blackjack, he will win; if the player also has a blackjack, the game results in a tie. Spanish 21 allows for late surrender and doubling down. The “Pontoon” version of the game is almost identical to the Spanish 21 – the only differences are that Pontoon has its own names for the different terms used in the game.

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Super Fun 21 Offers Excitement

Usually, when the player and a dealer are in a tie with both natural blackjacks, the player’s wager is returned, and the round is reset again. In Super Fun 21, players will always beat the dealer in such a situation! Furthermore, the player can split or hit on any number of cards they want – the same applies for standing or doubling. Any face card in combination with a diamond ace will result in what is called a “diamond blackjack” which will have a 2:1 payout. One of the most interesting facts about Super Fun 21 is that it is played with a single deck only!

You Will Find Even More Variations

Although land-based and online casinos do share a variety of Blackjack games, there will be some less-known types that will be unique to every specific establishment. A huge benefit for people that want to learn more about the different variations of the game is the fact that there are many free versions available online. This will allow interested players to try the version they want and also learn more about the Blackjack rules themselves. Each version also has its own strategies and tips, and if you research them thoroughly, you’ll get pretty good in no time!

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